Diaspora Live on Mt. Zion DVD

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Produced by Avraham Rosenblum & Tzvi Small

DVD release produced by Moe Rosenblum

The Diaspora Yeshiva Band’s historic 1982 Concert on the roof of King David’s Tomb on Mt. Zion, Jerusalem.  Re-edited to include never before seen footage and interviews.  Color corrected and digitally remastered.  A true piece of Jewish music history for those who were there during the 70′s and early 80′s, and those who will never have the opportunity to experience the energy of a live Diaspora concert.   Running time 90 minutes.

  1. Pitchu Li
  2. Land of Our Fathers
  3. Ivdu Et Hashem B’Simcha
  4. Story of Marvin Feingold
  5. Tzadik
  6. Zion Mountain Is Real
  7. Simcha L’Artzecha
  8. Hafachta
  9. Lo Yareiu
  10. Hu Yiftach
  11. Areshes Sifasenu
  12. Oy Siz Gut Zu Zein A Yid
  13. Shabbat Shalom
  14. Take Me Back to Jerusalem
  15. The Kotel Song
  16. Malchutcha/David Melech Yisrael


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Produced by Moe Rosenblum

  1. Al tirah
  2. Kedem
  3. Mekol Melomdai
  4. Nachon libi
  5. David the King
  6. Eliya Hanavi
  7. the flood
  8. Shir Chadash
  9. Ve’af Al Pi
  10. Nachamu Ami
  11. Yivarechecha

Jerusalem Is Calling

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produced by Moe Rosenblum

  1. Bar Yochai
  2. Jerusalem is Calling
  3. Mi K’amcha
  4. Yoshev B’sayser Elyon
  5. Rhythm Messiahs
  6. Shira Kayam
  7. Hinei Yamim Ba’im
  8. Sh’ma B’nee
  9. Changing Now
  10. Z’mirot

The Diaspora Collection

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Digitally Remastered, 2000
Collection produced by Moe Rosenblum

The Original Diaspora Yeshiva Band recorded 6 albums. This double CD presents 35 digitally remastered songs from 5 of the albums: “Diaspora Yeshiva Band,” “Melave Malka,” “At the Gate of Return,” “Live from King David’s Tomb” and “The Last Diaspora.” “Land of Our Fathers” is available separately on CD. The Diaspora Collection packaging includes a full-color 20 page booklet with all lyrics and band photos.

  1. Ain Anachnu Maspikim
  2. Tzadik Katamar Yifrach
  3. L’oro
  4. Asay L’ma’an Shemecha
  5. Hakol Yoducha
  6. Lo B’chayil
  7. Y’hi Ratson
  8. Sim Shalom
  9. T’ka B’shofar Gadol
  10. Lech Lecha
  11. Shabbat Shalom
  12. The Gate of Return
  13. Hu Yiftach Libenu
  14. Ivdu Et Hashem B’simcha
  15. Achat Sha’alti
  16. Zion Mountain is Real
  17. Ish Yehudi
  18. David Melech Yisrael
  19. Esah Einai
  20. The Kotel Song (Version 1)

Disc 2:

  1. Lulei He’emanti
  2. Hafachta Mispedi
  3. Malchutcha
  4. Sukat Shalom
  5. The Kotel Song (Version 2)
  6. Yismach Moshe
  7. Ki Lo Na’eh
  8. Lo Es Avoseinu Bilvad
  9. Ozi V’zimras Koh
  10. B’motsoei Yom Menucha
  11. Chadesh Sosoni
  12. Es Hashem Ham’vorach
  13. Haleluka
  14. Lema’an Yirbu Yemeichem
  15. U’vau Haovdim

Land Of Our Fathers (1998 Remaster)

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The fifth of 6 albums recorded by The Diaspora Yeshiva Band, “Land of Our Fathers,” captures the band in what was said to be their best effort. Originally released in 1981, “Land of Our Fathers” was remastered and re-released in 1998.

  1. Pitchu Li Sharei Tzedek
  2. Land Of Our Fathers listen
  3. Areshes Sifaseinu
  4. The Story of Marvin Feingold
  5. Yisgaber K’ari
  6. Simcha L’Artzecha listen
  7. Tzadik Katamar Yifrach
  8. See The Place listen
  9. Lo Yarei’u
  10. V’ne’emar

The Diaspora Reunion Live at Carnegie Hall

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On December 6, 1992, over 3,500 fans were treated to an unforgettable evening at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Avraham Rosenblum and the original members of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band regrouped for a month long reunion tour that kicked off with this historic concert. “The Diaspora Reunion” captures the band performing their greatest hits along with the incredible energy of that concert.

  1. Pitchu Li Sharei Tzedek
  2. Lulei Hemanti
  3. Ivdu Et Hashem B’Simcha
  4. Hu Yiftach
  5. David Melech Yisrael
  6. Hafachta
  7. Tzadik Katamar Yifrach
  8. The Kotel Song
  9. Malchutcha

Diaspora Band on Facebook

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Please stop by and “like” the new Facebook fan page that is packed with pictures and videos.  Share with your friends and leave your comments.